Servo Drive Repair & Services

Your industry depends on your servo drives, so it's only natural you're concerned about what you might do if your servo drives need fixing. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it anymore, because you've found Awakin Technologies — the Master in repair services for servo drives.

You'll feel better as soon as you send in your equipment for our servo drive repair service Center, because we'll immediately do an assessment and let you know what we need to do and about how much you can expect it to cost. That's an estimate you can rely on, too. You won't get hit with a bunch of mystery fees tacked on at the end. Then you can relax knowing our servo drive repair experts are working on your servo drive — repairing any broken parts and replacing any parts that are likely to fail.

How long does it take for repairs? We complete our standard repairs in Two days or less. Furthermore, we can provide online status updates, so you know exactly how things are going. But if you're still nervous, just give us a call right away. Anytime, day or night, you'll find a live person on our customer service line ready to discuss your repair.

How We Provide Great Value All the Way Through Your Servo Repair

Once you get your servos back, you can expect them to work just as they did before they needed servicing, if not better. You can also relax knowing that we cover the whole drive with an industry-leading 12-Month In-Service Warranty. Also, we do our repairs under a Global Price Guarantee that says we'll beat any competitor's price by Twenty Percent. Great repairs and customer service that will keep you coming back for all your electronics repair needs is our goal, and we'll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

• Repair usually saves up to 80% the cost of buying a new Product.
• Most Other Service repairs are back in your hands in 7-10 days after approval. But Our Quick Repair Service just 1-2 days after   approval.